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Alaska Peony Growers Association is a membership organization comprised of commercial peony growers as well as those interested in the emerging peony industry in Alaska. Our growers are located across the state from the interior region of Fairbanks and North Pole through central Alaska’s Matanuska Valley all the way to the southern shores of the Kenai Peninsula on Kachemak Bay. The Association serves to help members promote their farms in the world marketplace and to highlight the unique growing conditions found here. Alaska’s long cool growing seasons and soil help us produce large buds and vibrant colors so desired in the marketplace. The peonies grown here generally bloom when there are no other peonies available to the market. Our bloom period of late June through August and into September makes it possible to supply these highly desirable flowers to markets when there is little direct competition, providing potential for an expanding agricultural export industry in the state. Alaska’s position as a hub for cargo transport allows our fresh flowers to be air freighted to U.S., European and Asian markets, bringing our fresh cuts to customers around the world.


The Alaska Peony Growers Association harnesses the tremendous potential of the private enterprise system and enables its members to accomplish collectively what we can not do as individuals.

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APGA’s goal is to promote and support all aspects of the peony industry in Alaska. We seek to unite and encourage our members through the cooperative exchange of ideas, information and technical assistance creating a thriving sustainable future for the Alaska peony industry. Our current emphasis is on increasing awareness of opportunities in peony farming among potential new Alaska growers and helping prospective flower buyers become familiar with Alaska peonies.

Alaska Peony Growers Association would like to share our enthusiasm and excitement for our growing industry! Please contact us for more information. We invite you to consider becoming a member of APGA and learn more about peonia growing in Alaska!

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