Bridal Shower

White double

Henry Sass

Henry Sass is a large white double.

Mary Nicholls

Double white

Dr F.G. Bretenhour

Large white double

Lancaster Imp

A double white.


A large creamy to ivory white double.

Top Brass

A creamy white double

La Lorraine

A lovely white with hints of cream and blush

Mother’s Choice

Double Very large creamy white bloom Fragrant

Elsa Sass

A large rose form fragrant double bloom that when grown our northern latitudes opens blush and fades to creamy vintage white

Alba Plena

Double Large white bloom sometimes a flushed pink

Eden’s Temptation

A large double white – many consider a pure white

Charlie’s White

Bomb type double White with hints of yellow in the center of the bloom Fragrant also good drying


Marie Lemoine

This one will open as a blush and progress to white, it is a double with a light pleasant fragrance.

My Love

Double Pearl white fading to white bloom. Mildly fragrant

White Sands

Japanese single White guard petals with a fluffy yellow white center Very Fragrant

Duchess de Nemours

Double Creamy white bloom with a yellow center glow Very Fragrant – sweet

Bowl of Cream

Double Creamy white, rose formed bloom with hidden golden stamens Very Large up to 12″ Fragrant

Shirley Temple

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