Henry Sass

Henry Sass is a large white double.

Bridal Shower

White double

Mary Nicholls

Double white

Dr F.G. Bretenhour

Large white double

Lancaster Imp

A double white.


A large creamy to ivory white double.

Top Brass

A creamy white double

La Lorraine

A lovely white with hints of cream and blush

Elsa Sass

A large rose form fragrant double bloom that when grown our northern latitudes opens blush and fades to creamy vintage white

Alba Plena

Double Large white bloom sometimes a flushed pink

Eden’s Temptation

A large double white – many consider a pure white

Mother’s Choice

Double Very large creamy white bloom Fragrant

Duchess de Nemours

Double Creamy white bloom with a yellow center glow Very Fragrant – sweet

Bowl of Cream

Double Creamy white, rose formed bloom with hidden golden stamens Very Large up to 12″ Fragrant

Shirley Temple

Festiva Maxima

Double White with deep pink streaks Large loosely formed bloom Fragrant

Charlie’s White

Bomb type double White with hints of yellow in the center of the bloom Fragrant also good drying


Marie Lemoine

This one will open as a blush and progress to white, it is a double with a light pleasant fragrance.

My Love

Double Pearl white fading to white bloom. Mildly fragrant

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