AlaskAllure peonies thrive on the rich soils which surround Cook Inlet. They daily breath pure air from winds off ocean and mountain and view the undefinable beauty of volcanoes Mt. Spurr and Redoubt. The soil they feed upon thrums with the steps of grizzly, wolf, coyote, martin and fox. A resident mama moose drops her calf almost every year on the waters' edge of the property, close to a mountain ash. Some years, the calf returns as a bull, in full rack, snorting and pawing at the edge of the field. Their droppings become part of the compost mix that water the rows. We are small and we are pristine. Our peonies speak to us every day with joy, amazement and satisfaction that they have such an awesome location to call home. Peonies bring life-giving moments of health, well being and good will. Our varieties have personalities honed by their surroundings. Their winter and spring experience seems to determine how each will behave during the growing season. Early corals, Salmon joy and Duchess greet us as the weather warms, and then stargazing Moonstone and Princess Margaret sing together while Red Charm demands a pick. Late-season F G Brethour and the Sass family slowly come to bud. Peony Nick Shaylor stands proudly alone, doing his own thing in a very large way. A phone call to determine other varieties and specific availability is welcome.
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