Cook Inlet Gardens was created with a bit of word play and an eye to the future. The Cook Inlet is a defining geographical feature in south-central Alaska that sustains the diverse communities that surround it. Many communities are tied to the Cook Inlet through the fishing, oil, and tourism industries. The land that surrounds this murky body of water is ripe for cultivation and the need to develop our agricultural industry is of paramount concern to many Alaskans.

After departing our hometown for school and military service, we returned home with 4 kids in tow, 20 years after departing. While not exactly sure what life after military service would bring us, we decided to put some “roots” down in the community of Nikiski that we called home. We acquired the family property of Ben’s childhood and embarked upon the farming adventure with 3 generations of Carpenters to share the load.

In 2014 we planted an acre of peony roots to begin our agricultural endeavor and have been harvesting cut-flowers since 2017. We market our peonies through the Alaska Peony Market Cooperative ( with several other peony farmers on the Kenai Peninsula.

As the demand for locally grown produce continues to increase, our future will include food production for the local market. We are excited to be a part of the future of agriculture in south-central Alaska and look forward to helping shape our culture to one where the people of Cook Inlet, garden.

Ben, Ameye, and family.

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Cook Inlet Gardens Inc
51540 Eagle Ave
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Mobile: 907-953-1964

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