Our peony farm adventure came about as a result of a near tragedy! In the summer of 2006 a wildlands fire came roaring through our area. It burned the woods around 3 sides of our home and came very close to consuming our house! We used the burned woods as firewood for several years and then were left wondering what to do with this large, cleared area. About that time Wanda heard about the peony opportunity in Alaska. We planted our first peony roots in the fall of 2010. We now have 2,200 plants and are adding more every year!
We will be selling most of our buds through the Arctic Alaska Peony Co-op. If you are interested in purchasing peony buds, please contact our group at www.arcticalaskapeonies.com.

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Fox Hollow Peonies
PO Box 96
Nenana, AK 99760

Phone: (907) 832-5234
Phone 2: (907) 590-9148 cell
Email: mwhaken1@gmail.com

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