If I was asked 10 years ago if I was ever going to become a peony farmer my answer would have been no. Not in my wildest dreams. Especially not after having two daughters, watching them grow up, get married, have children of their own and having new chapters of my own life. Sometimes I wonder “what happened to my life that made me want to become a farmer?” The truth is retirement. I could not see doing nothing with the rest of my life and what a wonderful experience is has been.
Sometimes I am encrusted head to toe with dirt, the icky smell of bug dope permeating all my clothes and my hair is a mess. It is an amazing amount of physical hard work and lots of mental work and planning. Even when it is raining it is still better than being inside. I must say in the summers I sleep like a baby. Actually I am too exhausted not to but it is the greatest feeling. I love being outside and working in the soil.
We have summer days with amazing lengths of daylight that our peonies thrive in. Their growth is phenomenal in our short season. Whoever would have thought that a bud that starts out so small could open into something so enormous and stunningly beautiful? And that it could happen here in Alaska with our harsh winters and very short summers. Alaskan peonies are the only ones available in July, August and September.
Our farm is located on the Kenai Peninsula 6 miles from Homer on Diamond Ridge where we have an incredible view of Kachemak Bay and the Lower Cook Inlet. We are long time Alaskans that relocated here when we were really young (fresh out of school) and have stayed and carved out our little family farm on the Ridge. Being at the 1200 foot level our peonies are ready just a little later in the season. We hope to have them ready by the very last of July or early August and then through September.
We have approximately 8000 peonies in the ground where they are lovingly taken care of each year. All our peonies are grown organically and processed with the utmost care from when they are cut in the field, graded, packaged and shipped to you by Fed-Ex overnight. There is a saying that Fed-Ex likes to say, “we are 9 ½ hours away from anywhere and everywhere. “ Ensuring that your peonies will arrive on time and being the freshest as possible.
If you are in the area we would love to show you our farm. Please call ahead so we will be sure to be available.

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Joslyn Peonies LLC
65375 Diamond Ridge Road
Homer, Alaska 99603

Phone: 907 299 9090
Phone 2: 907 299 9090
Email: bettjoslyn@gmail.com

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