Lilyvale Farm, home of North Pole Peonies, is located 15 miles outside of North Pole, Alaska close to Eielson Air Force Base. We have been growing peonies for the cut flower trade since 2003. We have almost 15,000 plants in the ground now and are expanding every year adding new varieties, expanding our color selection, and increasing our number of plants in existing varieties. Growing peonies is a long term venture and we are trying to do so using sustainable agriculture practices.

Contact us for your floral needs. We ship to individuals and to florists as well as to large distributors anyplace in the US during late June, July, and August. All our buds are cut, chilled, and packed for shipment on-site. Whether you want only a dozen or several thousand at a time, we can meet your needs.

We, also, ship to Canada and overseas. If you need peonies, contact us well in advance of your need date so we can make arrangements to deliver your peonies when you need them.

North Pole Peonies is committed to ensuring that we provide the highest quality peonies to our customers. We can provide the colors and quantities you desire. We are continually engaged in research projects to improve the quality of our peonies pre-harvest and post-harvest and to ensure that they are shipped using the most effective way possible.

If you are interested in a tour of our peony fields or chilling and packing operations, contact us to arrange for a tour. During late June, July, and August, we conduct regular tours at 7pm every Tuesday evening.

We hope to meet your peony needs now and into the future.

Ron & Marji

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North Pole Peonies
5730 Eielson Farm Road
North Pole, AK 99705

Phone: 907-488-0446
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