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White Sands

Japanese single White guard petals with a fluffy yellow white center Very Fragrant

Victoire de la Marne

Type: Double Color: Purple Red

Top Brass

A creamy white double

Sweet 16

Pink double

Sarah Bernhardt

Double Large soft pink bloom with a lighter pink on edge of petals Fragrant

Red Charm

Bomb type double Very large deep red to chocolate red bloom Some fragrance

Raspberry Sundae

A pink and creamy white double

President Taft

A light pink double with occasional flecks of red

Pink Hawaiian Coral

Semi-double A reddish coral with a center of yellow stamens Fragrant

Paul M Wild

A large double red

Nick Shaylor

A large double that grown in Alaska opens to a lovely blush bloom

My Love

Double Pearl white fading to white bloom. Mildly fragrant

Mr Ed

A large double fragrant bloom unusual in the fact that can it can have a color range pale pink, blush to creamy white.

Mother’s Choice

Double Very large creamy white bloom Fragrant

Mons. Martin Cahuzac

MONS. MARTIN CAHUZAC (Dessert) If you wish the darkest red Peony grown, order this one. Flowers medium to large, semi-rose type, with stamens. Color a deep maroon-red. It often comes semi-double until plants are well established. The plant is medium tall with strong, sturdy upright stems. It comes into bloom early mid-season and is a […]

Mon. Jules Elie

Bomb type double Large silvery pink chrysanthemum like bloom Fragrant

Mary Nicholls

Double white

Marie Lemoine

This one will open as a blush and progress to white, it is a double with a light pleasant fragrance.

Lillian Wild

A large double compact rose type bloom that is a delicate flesh pink blush upon opening that fades to a pure white.

Lancaster Imp

A double white.

La Lorraine

A lovely white with hints of cream and blush

Karl Rosenfield

Double Large cherry colored blooms with a loose semi-rose form and notched petal tips and some golden stamens showing. Good for drying


Double Red rose form bloom Very Large No Fragrance Good for drying


Pink double

Henry Sass

Henry Sass is a large white double.

Henry Bockstoce

Double Large cardinal red blooms Fragrant

Grover Cleveland

Bomb type double Scarlet red medium size bloom

Gay Paree

Japanese Single Pink outer guard petals with a center of light shell pink and creamy white petaloids. Fragrant

Festiva Maxima

Double White with deep pink streaks Large loosely formed bloom Fragrant

Etched Salmon

A semi double pinkish coral

Elsa Sass

A large rose form fragrant double bloom that when grown our northern latitudes opens blush and fades to creamy vintage white

Edulis Superba

Double Large pink bloom of a loose form, petals have notched silver edges Very Fragrant – best described as old fashion rose

Eden’s Temptation

A large double white – many consider a pure white

Duchess De Orleans

Double, deep pink flowers with violet-tinted center petals are sweetly fragrant

Duchess de Nemours

Double Creamy white bloom with a yellow center glow Very Fragrant – sweet

Dr. Alexander Fleming

Double Bright pink bloom that become a lighter pink on edges Very Fragrant – sweet

Dr F.G. Bretenhour

Large white double

Diana Parks

A very large bomb type double, carmine red and very fragrant. It as with most peonies it makes an elegant statement and a lasting impression.

Coral Sunset

A large ruffled semi-double fragrant coral with pink undertones and a fluffy center display of yellow stamens

Coral Charm

Semi double Large cup shaped bloom Deep coral upon opening that will fade to a softer color as it ages.

Command Performance

Striking cardinal red bomb type peony will expand to a very large fragrant flower, especially when opened indoors or sheltered from wind currents. Has attracted much attention at the national exhibitions, was Grand Champion in 1998. The flower color and size dominates; buds massive, flowers may grow to nine inches diameter in the vase. Medium […]

Charlie’s White

Bomb type double White with hints of yellow in the center of the bloom Fragrant also good drying

Bridal Shower

White double

Bowl of Cream

Double Creamy white, rose formed bloom with hidden golden stamens Very Large up to 12″ Fragrant

Bowl of Beauty

Japanese Single Large bloom, pink guard petals with dense, cream colored centers made up of narrow petaloids.

Big Ben

Bomb type double Deep red floriferous bloom Very Fragrant

Baroness Schroeder

A large double bloom that in Alaska is a lovely blush.


A large creamy to ivory white double.

Auten’s Pride

A light pink to blush floriferous fragrant double

Angel Cheeks

Double pink, bomb type bloom

Alba Plena

Double Large white bloom sometimes a flushed pink

Adolphe Rousseau

Double Large Red bloom with yellow stamens slightly showing through petals